Administrative Bodies of FARECOGAZ:

-    the presidency
-    the plenary meeting
-    the technical committees TC I and TC II
-    the general secretariat
-    the technical secretariats


The president, the vice-president and the presidents of the technical committees TC I and TC II are the members of the presidency.
The president and the vice-president will be elected for two years in the course of the plenary meeting.

Plenary Meeting

The plenary meeting is the highest decision making body of FARECOGAZ. It is the assembly of the representatives of the member companies.
The ordinary plenary meeting takes place once a year.

Technical Committees TC GM (TC l) and TC GPC (TC II)

Two technical committees are installed dealing with gas meters (TC I) and gas pressure control and associated safety devices and stations (TC II)

The technical committees are chaired by the presidents who will be elected by the members of the respective technical committee for a period of two years and approved by the plenary meeting.

Technical Secretariats

The technical secretary of TC GM and TC GPC is named by the president of the respective technical committee. He is responsible for all matters of organization as far as the technical committee is concerned.